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X-Treme Water Cleaner

X-Treme Water Cleaner - Bridge X Culture

X-Treme Water Cleaner

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Do you want a clean, crispy tap water?

Every idea starts with a problem; ours was simple: tap water is terrible. Not only does it taste horrible in some areas, but it’s also quite unhealthy. So, if you believe that your tap water contains arsenic, chlorine, fluorine, bacteria, or even some metal residues. Then we've got just the thing for you...

Introducing the mini tap water purifier. The only sophisticated water filter that fits on the palm of your hand. It has proven superiority of construction. Excellent 4 different tap adapters. And 9 Filtering Levels. An incredible addition to your hygiene arsenal and a valuable tool for bottled water consumers.

Tastes Better: Depending on where you live, your water may contain a lot of iron and sediment. And while your primary filter can do a decent job of filtering it out, it certainly can't eliminate the taste. Our water purifier has 9 layers of filters, which not only removes harmful residues, but also cleans the taste for crisp, fresh water.

Install it in a snap: It comes with different adapters, and installation is pretty straightforward. Just choose your connector, plug it in and enjoy.

Increases water pressure: it combines air and water to produce a constant, sparkling mixture. So, even if your faucet operates at low pressure, this filter will crank your water pressure up a notch.

Catchy design: Its sleek and sober form allows it to fit seamlessly into the design of your kitchen. It gives your faucet a pleasant and elegant look.

Safe and harmless: Made from environmentally friendly and food grade materials. This mini water purifier is completely harmless, non-toxic and reusable.

Purify Your Body and Clean Your System with Fresh Water

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