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Titanium Jesus Cross Gold Ring

Titanium Jesus Cross Gold Ring

Titanium Jesus Cross Gold Ring

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Take Pride in Your Faith

For most people, wearing a symbolic piece that speaks of their faith means more than simply accessorizing.

Wearing one’s faith symbolizes trust and pride in most cultures, and this Titanium Jesus Cross Gold Ring may just be what you’ve been looking for to show pride in your belief!

Why this is for you:  

  • Wear classic. The complete opposite of tacky, the Titanium Gold material of this ring holds a classic appeal that stands out.
  • Find friendly company.  We build relationships based on like beliefs and principles. Wearing your faith is a straightforward way you can find easy company with people that share similar interests and pursuits.

  • Stay true to faith. It can be a simple reminder that can help bring you back from any difficult situation. Everybody needs that link that connects them back to their purpose, and this may be the piece that can help do that for you.
  • Get lifetime value. Titanium is known to withstand time. As your faith stands the test of time, so does this classic piece that can accompany you on any endeavor.
  • Meaningful gift. For anyone who shares the same belief, it’s a perfect gift that your friend or loved one will surely appreciate.

Our Titanium Jesus Cross Gold Ring, inspired by Catholic faith, is more than an accessory to the true devout. Find more value in a simple accessory when you order one today!

Ring Size:

16 mm
50.2 mm
17 mm
53.4 mm
18 mm
56.5 mm
19 mm
59.7 mm
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