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Mini Portable Air Pump

Mini Portable Air Pump - Bridge X Culture

Mini Portable Air Pump

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For fast and accurate inflation

    Worried about getting a flat tire while you are biking? This mini portable air pump is the perfect side kick when you get a flat on the road or dirt.  

Compact & Lightweight: The size of this mini portable air pump ensures that you can bring it wherever you go. It is small enough to fit in the size pocket of most backpacks without adding an extra load to your journey.

Tight Presta & Schrader Connection: Switch easily between the Presta & Schrader valves thanks to innovative hose design. The connection creates a super tight seal with no air leaks and no more damaged bike tire valves.

Mount bracket: Worry not about losing your air pump. A safe & secure frame mount bracket with extra security straps is included.

Flexible Hose & Gage: The innovative flexible hose with in-line pressure gauge is cleverly stored inside the handle and barrel of the pump to maximize compactness.

Quick Pumping: With powerful and accurate inflation, this high-pressure portable air pump will fill up your tires super quick.

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