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Powerful LED Headlight Lamp

Powerful LED Headlight Lamp - NextGen Appliances

Powerful LED Headlight Lamp

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It’s the Most Desirable Headlight for Adventures Outdoor!

🔦 Ultra-Bright & Super Lightweight
 🔋 Built-in Sensor
🔦 Adjustable Focus
 🔋 Unrivaled Durability

Looking for the ultimate outdoor exploration companion? This trusty headlight ensures your field of vision is illuminated at all times!

It’s the headlight you never knew you needed, until now.


Ultra-bright! Measuring 8000 Lumens, you can get a rapidly enhanced field of vision, helping to ensure each and every step is a safe one when you’re out exploring!

Built-in Sensor, you can operate completely hands-free as the headlight is activated by a sensor twitch, perfect for when your hands are occupied

Super lightweight, gone are the days when your headlight would weigh a ton, ours is extremely lightweight (175g), you’ll barely feel it!

Unrivaled Durability, fitted with unbreakable aluminum alloy casting, you can buy once and use forever, our headlight is designed to last!

Adjustable Focus, our headlight comes with a built-in zoom option meaning you can spot focus the beam of light onto whatever objects you need! Not to mention it comes with three different modes: flashing, bright light, and dim light!

Designed with YOU in mind, our headlight will make any outdoor activities a walk in the park! 

Who is it perfect for?

  • Campers
  • Outdoor Explorers
  • Cavers

What does the package include?

1x headlamp (5 LED with ZOOM and SENSOR Gold )+ 1x ac charger + 2x 18650 batteries 

The answer to all your outdoor prayers is here, order today (you know you want to!)

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