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Jewelry Storage Box Set

Jewelry Storage Box Set

Jewelry Storage Box Set

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   It can be annoying to track down that other pair of earring when you have a ton of accessories! Your collection of trinkets and accessories should have an organized space to keep them safe, and we’re here to bring you the perfect solution to any kind of mess.  

Our Jewelry Storage Box Set was made so you can have one organized storage for all your accessories  and rest easy knowing they’re safe! 

Why you’ll love this:

Choose neat! Do away with tacky hooks or cork boards to hang necklaces and earrings on. Get everything in one place and feel assured that they’re safe!

Easy organization. The box is designed with multiple layers, cushions, and divisions that are easy to attach and detach, plus hooks for your necklaces so they don’t get tangled in the mix.

Have security. As a jewelry box, we know that it will be holding your treasured collection. Its design includes a lock and key for you so you can rest easy.

Chic design. Its outward design is a simple, sleek box that can be tucked cleanly into your drawer or dresser, and blends well with any modern interior.


-PU Leather
-23 * 17 * 9 cm
-8 Necklace Hooks
-74 Earring Holes
-15 Hook Earring Divisions
-9 Ring Divisions
-Watches/Bracelet Partitions

Our Jewelry Storage Box Set was designed so you can get organized with your collection of trinkets and accessories. Get peace of mind as bonus when you order today!
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