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Full HD Dash Cam Recorder

Full HD Dash Cam Recorder - Bridge X Culture

Full HD Dash Cam Recorder

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A Silent Witness to Record Every Detail on the Road

Are you a driver? Are you a taxi mom who runs the kids around? Whether you drive for work, pleasure, or just to get the groceries, a dashcam is an essential tool for every car...

Although dashcams may not directly prevent car accidents, they do serve to reduce drivers’ out-of-pocket costs after the dust settles. This Full HD Dash Cam Recorder integrates video recording, picture taking, and external storage into a multi-function high-resolution digital recorder with HDMI & media output. It can be used to record accidents and provide proof of compensation and insurance, or record driving for fun and leisure.

Front and Rear Dash Cam: This dual dash cam is equipped with a 1080P resolution front camera and waterproof rear camera. The car dashcam has a wide, dynamic range, to capture everything on the road. The front camera snaps the license plates and road signs clearly even at night, ensuring you get the best footage. Wide-angle front (170°) and rear (130°) camera help eliminate the blind spots of your vision.

Easy installation: This dash camera is very easy to install and operate. Designed to be a compact size, our dashcam will not block your sight and safer option whilst driving. Simply attach to a windshield and connect to the power supply. Put your keys in the ignition, turn on the car, and the camera will begin recording. The video will automatically save when you shut off the engine.

24 Hour Monitoring: The dash cams automatically powers on and starts recording as soon as impact is detected, thus providing you a video evidence if your car is scratched by someone in parking.  Hence ensuring your peace of mind with complete 24/7 monitoring of your car. Additionally, when in park, the dash cam will automatically detect movement and begin recording.

Night Vision: The dash camera features optimized night vision recording and an anti-glare rearview mirror coating for the safest ride on the road.

Automatic Loop Recording: Our dash cam includes seamless loop recording which will override any old footage when your SD card is full. When a collision is detected, the relevant footage is automatically saved and locked into an SOS file. This prevents any overriding and protects your video evidence. The camera supports up to 32GB of data on the SD card.

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