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Electric Tool Car Lifter

Electric Tool Car Lifter - Bridge X Culture

Electric Tool Car Lifter

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Jack Up your Car Safely Up to 6.0 Tone

For effortless high performance. Smooth and spotless tire change. This hydraulic ground jack is a bang for your buck. It allows you to remove your daunting mechanical tasks in a snap. Keeping labor to a minimum and saving you a lot of time and frustration.

Add to your toolbox a powerful 12V power outlet, a 6.0T (13200lbs) jack, and a mighty 340N.M torque in case of emergency. This allows you to keep you loaded for bear, knowing that no matter what happens on the road or in your garage, you'll always have something reliable in your arsenal.

Maximum Efficiency: While a scissor jack can take you 3 or 4 minutes to lift your car, this electric floor jack raises your car in less than a minute.

Built Tough: Made of stainless steel with an integrated anti-oxidation coating. This makes this heavy-duty tool rustproof and impact resistant.

Easy to Operate: It comes with a car cigarette cable connector. You can plug it either directly into a power outlet or to a car battery (12V DC). Just press the button on the controller for a while to see your car lift up effortlessly.

Programmed for Safety: The whole structure is robust, stable, and safe. It has a safety system that allows the tool to stop working automatically when it exceeds its height limit.

Travel Friendly: It comes neatly packed in a traveling suitcase like an emergency kit. This gives it an ergonomic shape, and allow it not to take up much space, and makes it a breeze to carry inside your trunk.



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