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Cervical Support Neck Corrector

Cervical Support Neck Corrector - Bridge X Culture

Cervical Support Neck Corrector

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Chronic Neck Pain – Solved!

Life is hard as it is. With its ups and downs. With its joys and sorrows. And, as ones get older, the hardships grow bigger as well. Your body begins to crumble so easily under pressure. And at that moment, you realize that time has indeed left its mark. And the flower of your youth is far behind you.

This is your Chance to Take An Unyielding Step Forward on a Path where there is No Pain and All Gain

Now, if you are brave enough to keep moving forward. Then let our Neck Traction Pillow guide, protect, and support you on your healing journey. This ingenious Cervical Neck Corrector allows you to breathe a sigh of relief. To move freely. Spend more time doing the things you enjoy with the people you love. PAIN FREE!


Improve your Posture and Stretch your Neck


The new neck support operates by compressing around your shoulders and upper spine just like a brace to help hold your neck in a neutral, painless position. It offers you pinpoint precision and optimal comfort to relieve effortlessly your pain. This traction cervical collar has tapped into revolutionary ideas, optimal comfort design and the highest quality materials to develop an original and first-class pain relief product. That you won't find anywhere else!


Superior Craftsmanship: It's compact and comfortable, made of soft pillows, and high-quality Velcro. It won't block your movements and fits comfortably on your neck.


Decompression Therapy: Comes with perfect side stitches, carefully nestled in high-quality fabric. Complemented by contraction and decompression technology. To relieves pressure on your upper spine, neck and shoulders.


Lightweight and Stretchy: You'll love that it's feathery-light and designed to stretch and follow your every move. And no matter what, rest assured that this neck brace will protect and support your body. And keep you in perfect condition.


Adjustable Support: Simulating a blood pressure armband, this neck corrector inflates when pumped with air, with the pump supplied. This way, you can adjust your belt to the level of support you desire. 



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