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Camera Periscope Flip Mirror

Camera Periscope Flip Mirror - Bridge X Culture

Camera Periscope Flip Mirror

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Do you want to take high-quality videos but don't want to use the selfie option on your phone? The Camera Periscope Flip Mirror's design is perfect for cameras that are not flipped into the selfie position. This easy-to-install device attaches to your camera and lets you see yourself in front of the camera.

The Camera Periscope Flip Mirror is compatible with phones but requires a device with a cold shoe. Coming with three adjustable points, the flip mirror allows you to easily adjust it so you can get the perfect view of yourself. Once mounted, there are two side cold shoes that let you attach small accessories such as a video light and microphone. The small, lightweight design makes it easy to carry and film anywhere. Take your selfie game to a professional level with the Camera Periscope Flip Mirror.

Features and Benefits


Small, compact, and sturdy build allows you to carry and shoot anywhere without worry.

Side Cold Shoes

With two side cold shoes, you can connect devices to the Camera Periscope Flip Mirror, such as a microphone, video light, etc.

Flip Screen

Through the reflection of the lens, the framed image is completely displayed! Offer a selfie feeling for models when taking photos or doing video shooting. No worrying about how you look.

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