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Rechargeable Ultra-Bright LED Flashlight

Rechargeable Ultra-Bright LED Flashlight - Bridge X Culture

Rechargeable Ultra-Bright LED Flashlight

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Let There Be Light!

But, Make It Bright & Powerful

Split the darkness with style. And cruise down the roads - with this ultra-bright LED flashlight. It's something to keep your load for bear. In emergencies, power outages, camping, hiking, and at night.  It comes with 5 lighting modes and water resistance, so you can face the wilderness, and nocturnal adventures with absolute confidence.

Adjustable Lighting Experience: The set-up is effortless; you can attach and remove it in a snap thanks to its shoulder strap. It's lightweight yet sturdy and durable. Comes with 5 lighting levels and an S.O.S. mode - which you can easily switch between them at the click of a button.

Reliable in Emergencies: You can rest assured that this LED flashlight will always serve its purpose. It's designed with water resistance and a USB plug for charging. It's your ideal outdoor companion and a powerful emergency tool.
Super Bright Lighting Capacity: It can operate at full capacity, with a lighting range of up to 1640 feet. The LED lighting increases the brightness and the quality of your night vision. While there are different lighting modes that you can choose between depending on the situation.
Green & Cost-Effective: It features efficient light production through LED technology. The LED lighting system consumes less energy compared to regular flashlights. Which saves you money in the long run and leads to a smaller carbon footprint as well.
Ingenious Zoom Design: It's small, space-saving, and measures 6.57" × 1.57" × 1.50". It fits neatly into your backpack. Also has a zoom capability that you can manually activate to reach more remote locations.

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