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Sleeping Earphone Headband

Sleeping Earphone Headband

Sleeping Earphone Headband

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An Ideal Partner For Exercising or Relaxing! 

Looking for the ideal device that’s perfect for your overall lifestyle? Look no further than our Bluetooth Sleeping Earphone Headband! It features a Bluetooth music player to give you comfort and solace in every activity you do, whether exercising or sleeping! 

Key Benefits: 

  • Unrivaled Comfort. In need of a quick nap? Then wear our Bluetooth Sleeping Earphone Headband! It has a soft cotton fabric that can protect your eyes from unwanted light for more profound and faster nap times. 
  • Durable. It is made from durable cotton and ABS that’s extra tough, making it last for years to come. In addition, it is sweat-absorbing and stretchable so that you can wear it through all of your activities. 
  • Convenient Music Player. Attached with a Bluetooth microchip for wireless listening to your favorite tunes. Connect it to your phones and get ready to sleep or exercise! 
  • Easy To Use and Rechargeable. An easy-to-use interface makes controlling your music a breeze. Additionally, it comes with a 150mAH battery that can last for 10 hours after just two hours of charging.

Don’t wait any longer! The most convenient music player that can also give you the maximum comfort is only a step away! 

Enjoy great music and relaxation with this great device! Order today!

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