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Automatic Car Sun Shade

Automatic Car Sun Shade

Automatic Car Sun Shade

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The Ultimate Car Sunlight Protection! 

Tired of getting into your car and feeling like it's in the pits of hell. We’ve got you covered!

This Automatic Car Sun Shade offers double thermal insulation that blocks the sun's rays on the windshield, resulting in a cooler car after parking it directly in the sun! 

Key Benefits: 

  • Extra Convenient. Our Automatic Car Sun Shade can easily be attached to the windshield side without blocking the front view. Plus, the retractable mechanism allows easy access to the sunlight protector with absolutely no hassle! 
  • Durable. It is made from aluminum alloy material that can withstand wear and tear, making it last for years to come! 
  • Unrivaled Sun Protection. Our Automatic Car Sun Shade consists of two-layered thermal insulation: highly reflective aluminum foil and high-density fabric lining. This instantly covers and protects your car from the sun, preventing the wear and tear created by extra hot temperatures. 
  • Easy To Install. Our Automatic Car Sun Shade is attached with premium suction cups, making it easy to secure to your windscreen. First, wipe the area with a clean cloth and install the sunshade. It’s that simple! 

Don’t wait any longer! Due to the high temperatures, extreme temperatures destroy cars' interiors and may have adverse health effects in the long run. 

Order yours today and experience the cooling effects firsthand!
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