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(15pcs) Magical Oasis Brush Set

(15pcs) Magical Oasis Brush Set

(15pcs) Magical Oasis Brush Set

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   Makeup really hits different when you have a great brush set to take care of all your blending and contouring needs. If you’re having a hard time nailing that look you’ve been practicing, our Makeup Brush Set has the solution.

Our Makeup Brush Set has brushes in all sizes, shape, and weight for that on-point, salon-like finish.

Why you’ll love this:

  • Feel confident. Achieve the on-point makeup look with this full range brush set and get the perfect confidence boost to make your day.
  • Go pro! The different sizes and shapes of brushes will make it easier to nail a makeup theme with the perfect blend, contour, and highlight!
  • Get makeup-ready. The brush handles are just a little over your palm size and makes for a handy set! Touch up anytime you want so you can keep looking awesome.
  • Choose hygiene! The nylon material of the brushes doesn’t readily absorb oils and pigments from powders. It’s perfect as an applicator for liquid makeup and easy cleaning.
  • Get organized. Get a free roll-up carrying case with a magnetic snap closure to keep your brushes intact and in one place for easy storage.

    Our Makeup Brush Set was designed to help achieve the perfect blend and contour for the professional makeup look. Order today and ace your makeup game!
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